Courses available:  


  • Once again the number of places will be limited to 28 in order to give students plenty of rope time,    They will be divided into 7 groups for the day.   
  • The minimum requirement for all courses is the ability to handle a bell competently to rounds and call changes.   Please seek advice if you are not sure which course would be the most suitable.  Choosing the correct course for your ability will enable you to make progress and to have a constructive day.
  • Young ringers will not be taught separately but should apply for any appropriate group.
  • Some of the courses may not take place if there is lack of demand or insufficient help available.  You will be asked to indicate a second choice of course when you apply.    Any queries about courses should be directed to the Training Officer (see Contacts on right)
  • The early groups are aligned to the ART Learning the Ropes program (LTR) and are designed to give you exercises and experience to be able develop your change ringing skills to pass these levels.  The exercises are flexible and can be tailored to each student’s requirement to get the maximum benefit out of the training day.

Ref DescriptionNotes 
 AFoundation skills LTR Level 2

A first step towards learning the skills for change ringing by developing your bell control by learning to change places and develop your listening skills:
  • Kaleidoscope place making
  • Kaleidoscope dodging
  • Leading
  • Whole pull and stand
 BPlain Hunting
LTR Level 3
part 1
Develop your bell control further by plain hunting on different numbers of bells:
  • Plain Hunt on 3, 4 or 5 bells
  • Plain Hunt on the treble and on an inside bell
 CTrebling to a method
LTR Level 3
part 2

Develop rope sight and control for ringing methods.
  • Treble to methods on 2, 3, 4 and 5 bells
 DPlain Bob Doubles Practise Plain Bob Doubles with experienced ringers

 E        Grandsire Doubles Practise Grandsire Doubles with experienced ringers

Surrey Young Ringers Group (under 18s) at this year's striking competition with their leaders