For Students

STUDENT APPLICATIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED!    The course is fully booked.

Only 28 students will be accepted for training    Please only apply if you can attend both the morning and afternoon sessions.   The link to the application form will be removed once all places have been taken.

Course Fee:  

  • £10 - Surrey Association Members 
  • £15 - non-Members
  • £3 - 18 years or under   

  • Pay via one of the links below
  • Complete the application form (below)

  • on a mobile (if you have a Paypal account):  Pay by PayPal - enter the appropriate fee
  • OR via the link below (will accept credit card or paypal)

         Student Application Form (link disabled now that course is fully booked)

Notes: to help you complete the application form:

Tower Contact:  

  • We ask for the Tower Captain's name so that we can, if necessary, discuss your ability and/or suitability for the Group for which you have applied.

Preferred Course:  

  • An appropriate course is one that will assist not only your own progress, but also the contribution you can make to your local tower.  Please discuss this with your tower captain or tutor, and please DO NOT overestimate your ability.  
  • If you apply for a method ringing course, please study the method as much as you can before the day.  
  • Also, bear in mind that you may be ringing bells which are strange to you, so if you rarely visit other towers it may be helpful to do so before Training Day. 

Second Choice of Course:  

  • It may not be possible to run all of the proposed courses.  
  • You will be asked to enter a second choice.  
  • Again, please do not overestimate your ability.