Spring Training Day

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    Training Day on Saturday 9 March 2019

 Students and helpers will be emailed early in the week to notify them which course and tower they will attend.    
 Find details for your tower via the 'Towers and Groups' tab above.

Training will consist of a single session from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

See the tabs at the top of the page to find all the information you need for joining the training day. 

This year there will be more groups focusing on recent recruits, including those who joined through the Ringing Remembers campaign.

The training day will provide opportunity for concentrated practice at a level appropriate to the needs of the student with help provided by experienced leaders and helpers.   



The groups will be structured to ensure that each student has plenty of rope time and to make the training as productive as possible.   On line Application forms for students and helpers will be available from early January.   Some of the courses may not take place if there is lack of demand or insufficient help available.


Payment for students must be made at the time of booking.  Members of the Surrey Association are offered a reduced fee.  Applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis.   


For the event to be successful we need LOTS of helpers.   If you are an experienced ringer and would like to help, please volunteer!  


Go to the Downloads page to print: 
  • Parental Consent form for Young Ringers

What people have said about Training Day
  • Lots of rope time. Really helpful tips. And different ways of explaining things which is useful as different people learn differently.Lots of rope time. Really helpful tips. And different ways of explaining things which is useful as different people learn differently.
  • The format and progression were excellent from confidence building to testing and pushing students to new skills.
  • Pre-course email from the group leader asking what I wanted from the day and what I found hard about the method. Great idea, really started me thinking.
  • The helpers all seemed very experienced in the method and were supportive and friendly. Lunch together is an important part of the day as it ties the two sessions together and promotes a team spirit. Very pleasant to have a mix of ringers from both north and south as I met some new people and think I might visit their towers at some stage.
  • Being able to watch other students practice and hear the trainers feedback on that - helped me understand my own errors
  • 1 to 1 attention and many more helpers than trainees. All helpers gave 100% of their time to encourage us and provide clear practical help and advice.
  • Each ringer's abilities were taken into consideration, and none of us felt uncomfortable about ringing beyond our capabilities
  • It was well organised, the followers were experienced and very helpful and the team leader was a fun teacher and seemed to be extremely well prepared

Graph showing how students rated the last Training Day (score 5 = really well)