Towers & Groups (Autumn Training Day)

Towers for groups on 6 October 2018 

 Your Group 
 (as confirmed by the  Organisers)

 (10.00 - 13.00)
 A1.  Foundation Skills

 A2.  Foundation Skills

 B.    Plain Hunt

 C1.  Plain Bob Doubles

 Limpsfield Chart
 C2.  Plain Bob Doubles

 C3.  Plain Bob Doubles

 D.  St Martins/St Simons Doubles
       Little Bob Minor 

Tower information (not all will be used for this training day)


(with link to tower or church website)


Click on a postcode to link below to access Google maps)

 Parking information

 (where available)

 Bletchingley   RH1 4PD     At Village Hall
 Betchworth     RH3 7DN  Turn into Church Street and
right by the barn.  Car park
behind the church.

 RH3 7BQ 
 Caterham S John  
 CR3 6LA             

 Car park limited to 3 hours
 Caterham S Mary    CR3 5RA     Easy parking adjacent to
the church

 RH4 1DS  Car park accessed off
High St opposite White Horse
 Godstone     RG9 8BW       

 RH8 0DG  
 Limpsfield Chart   

 RH8 0TB 

 RH7 6AH  
 Merstham     RH1 3BJ
 Nutfield    RH1 4JA

 RH8 9NB  
 Redhill      RH1 6QA
 Reigate  RH2 7RN

Or use this tower map (as found on the main Surrey website!)
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